Dedicated to maintaining the quality of life in the Hunter Mill Road corridor.

Hunter Mill Community Vision Statement

The Community's vision is to maintain Hunter Mill Road as a tranquil, residential byway with unique natural, historic, and picturesque character, thus preserving one of the last remaining scenic, rolling terrains in Fairfax County.

See the full Vision Statement.

How we Accomplish and Support the Vision:

Land Use Committee
  • Participate in periodic reviews of the Fairfax County land use plan to retain the area’s low density residential development pattern
  • Consultant to Hunter Mill neighborhoods and organizations, providing expertise in zoning process
  • Work to implement the county’s master plan for retaining the buffer area

Transportation Committee

  • Advocacy for Hunter Mill Road’s remaining a safe, two-lane road
  • Initiated a State-sponsored Hunter Mill Road Traffic Calming study
  • Work on implementing the study findings
  • Promote Roundabout design as a key calming feature
History Committee
  • Secured a Virginia Byway designation for Hunter Mill Road
  • Work on obtaining a Hunter Mill Road Historic District on state and national historic registries
  • Research and share the rich History of the corridor with the community
  • Produce history products such as books, movies, tours and historic markers
  • Provide speakers as a outreach and host events
Environment Committee
  • Consultant to Hunter Mill neighborhoods and organizations, providing expertise in environmental issues
  • Monitor policy related to environmental issues
  • Advocate for improved parks and trails
  • Inform residents of opportunities to get involved

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Additional Civil War Products

View Hunter Mill Civil War Artifacts

State Historic Marker unveiling

Just released! Chronology of the Civil War in Fairfax County

FCDOT Hunter Mill Study

Hunter Mill Road
Corridor History Tour

Fall Tour: Sold Out

For those who would like to be waitlisted, please contact Jim Lewis at:

Join us on this very popular bus tour of the corridor as
we explore 250 years of community history and hear
the stories of the characters who inhabited or passed
through the area. We will also visit the sites of skirmishes,
encampments, graves and structures of the Civil War
period, and learn of the impact the war had on this

Assembly time: 8:00
Departure time: 8:30
Return time: 12:30

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Hunter Mill Road Civil War Bus Tours




Community Volunteers Working For Your Interest

Preserving a stable community . . .
Preserving the scenic and historic character of your neighborhood . . .
Preserving the community qualities that made you choose the Hunter Mill Corridor as your home

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